Illness and Hypochondria

This is a tough one to discuss.   I don’t want to enable someone who truly has hypochondria, but I feel I need to address this definition from Wiki…. “inaccurate perception of the condition of body or mind despite the absence of an actual medical condition”.
Many a time, people have come to me only after their doctor told them they were just being a hypochondriac and that they were absolutely healthy.  After meeting with them, their Iridology consultation would show a toxic liver, deficiencies or a pH imbalance which was quite profound!    
Medical test diagnose disease, but there is often a large span between tip top health and disease.   Often people feel symptoms during this span.  It isn’t just in their head.   And when they either cleanse, balance their pH or ingest the nutrients they are deficient in, their symptoms go away. 
Before I would accept a diagnosis of hypochondria, I would get 2 different doctor’s opinions as well as 2 people in natural health.    I would also encourage people to learn more about anatomy and physiology.
If you have been cleared by various venues, and you still feel unduly alarmed or anxious about your health, or think every little symptom is a life threatening disease, then you might have hypochondriasis:
·                            Always believing you have any disease after hearing or reading about it
·                            Being unduly anxious that mild bodily sensations mean you have a serious illness
·                            Obsessively talking to others about your symptoms or diseases you possible have
·                            Continuously doing health research to the point that it keeps you from living a productive life

Often people with a thin myelin are more aware of their body sensations, which compounds the tendency towards hypochondria.

The hypochondriac often has a difficult time following a set protocol, because they want to add everything they read about.   They have a hard time remembering that sometimes more isn’t better, it just overwhelms the body.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for the protocol I use, please click on the link below.
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