Taking LIV-A aka Liver Cleanse

There are many symptoms associated with a weak liver.One of the best guide to dosages is waking up at night. If your liver has all that it needs and is working efficiently you will sleep all night without waking up at night... not even to urinate.

I usually suggest taking LIV-A (Liver Cleanse) as directed on the bottle and increase 1 capsule a day per week until the person sleeps the whole night long. When the liver has enough nutrients it should be able to cleanse without waking you up or releasing sugar causing the kidneys to produce urine.

After you are sleeping the whole night through for about 1 week you can try backing off the amount 1 capsule a day per week . Using sleeping the whole night as your guide. If you start to awake again, increase the LIV-A

Warning... When my liver was really weak I was up to 45 LIV-A a day. Now I do not need any and I still sleep the whole night through.

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