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Many of us have our little quirks and habits.  Sometimes things nagging at our minds. So, when do these quirks become Obsessions, Compulsions or OCD?   When they produce anxiety, discomfort, guilt or fear.  There are many different types of OCD (see http://www.ocd-free.org/typesofocd).

"Pure O" is when the person experiences Obsessions without the compulsion. Obsessions are intrusive, irrational thoughts -- unwanted ideas or impulses that repeatedly well up in a person's mind. Again and again, the person experiences disturbing thoughts, such as "My hands must be contaminated, I must wash them"; "I may have left the gas stove on"; "I am going to injure my child"; "Maybe I am a homosexual", etc.

On one level, the sufferer knows these obsessive thoughts are irrational. But on another level, he or she fears these thoughts might be true. Trying to avoid such thoughts creates great anxiety.  


A compulsion is a behavior in which a person feels that they have to engage in a certain activity, which they would not normally want to do.  Tics are not the only compulsion but are an extreme example.  Sniffling, blinking, clearing one's throat, relocking door, re-arranging items, etc.

They have to do some action to "feel right"... whatever the compulsion might be.

 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Some people experience just the obsessions. Others just experience the compulsions while most have to deal with both the obsessions and the compulsions.  No matter which way the conditions manifest itself it almost always has the same origin... a thin myelin sheathing.

For short term remedy, the flower essense Be Response Able is a homeopathic which can help with the emotional response to this condition while working on building the health of the myelin.

Most people are diagnosed by a psychiatrist or general practitioner, others use the Yale-Brown Test.  But for those of us who have had OCD, no one has to tell us something is not right.  

People ask me if they should get a diagnosis.  I work with the health of the nervous system and diagnosis is not necessary in order to nourish their myelin.  

However, I strongly suggest that you try to assess what nutrients might help you overcome OCD, Obsessions or Compulsions by going to:  http://www.herbalremedyexpert.com/3in1Assessment, fill out the form and submit.   

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