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My Motivation To Become A Naturopathic Doctor

My Motivation To Become A Naturopathic Doctor

Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other health conditions were the cataylst that drove me to get a solid foundation of natural health and nutrition, so I could help others.  Click here to view my certificates. 

When I was 22, I escaped from a very stressful marriage, in which I was subjected to extreme physical and emotional abuse. Later, the side effects from the medication that I was taking robbed me of my good health.

When I first started developing the symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), I didn't tell anyone. I was afraid that I was going insane and that my two small children would be taken away from me and given to their abusive father or strangers. My symptoms were so severe that I was unable to even step outside of my apartment for six months.

One day, I was watching a segment of the Phil Donahue Show on OCD and agoraphobia. What a relief to learn that I was actually experiencing symptoms typical of OCD and agoraphobia! Thank goodness for shows like Mr. Donahue's.

I turned to alternative therapies and herbs for help with my health. That's when I learned that I had a weak liver and thin myelin. I first took LIV-A (now called Liver Cleanse), RE-X (now called Nerve Control), Evening Primrose oil, and Spirulina. My symptoms started to go away. Later, I changed the RE-X for STR-C (now called Chinese Stress Relief) and the Evening Primrose oil for Flaxseed oil.

Having most of my health restored profoundly affected my life!!!  I began studying to become a Natural Health Practitioner. Through my work with others, I noticed that people with a weak myelin experienced symptoms of OCD and related conditions. The symptoms, fortunately, disappear when herbs are introduced and the diet changed.

I have been totally free of panic attacks, anxiety, OCD, and agoraphobia since 1992. Herbs and alternative therapies have helped me so much that I feel compelled to help others.

The heart wrenching stories that I hear from others are a constant reminder of the debilitating effects of OCD. That is why I have written a book on maintaining and regaining the health of the myelin through diet and supplementation.

My goal for this site is to do clinical (not double-blind) studies to get a better understanding of the scope of OCD symptoms and the protocol that I feel should be expanded and fine tuned. Once the protocol is proven, as I believe it will, I plan to make the information available to others to help them become OCD free.


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