What is GAD?

GAD is an acronym for Generalized Anxiety Disorder... When worry is excessive or the reaction is more intense than the situation calls for and the inability to easily relax. 

Everyone at one time or another worries or experiences doubts and fears, but for some the anxiety becomes continuous or overwhelming.  That is when you know the body is having a hard time turning off the survival mechanism meant to protect from you from danger.

Anxiety can be quite intense.  Some people experience panic attacks, hyperventilating or even symptoms mocking that of a heart attack.

What cause Anxiety?

Although the whole process is not fully understood, a large contributor to these feelings is the adrenal glands pumping more than the accurate amount of adrenaline in the blood stream.

One of the many functions of the myelin is being a buffer for the nervous system.   The subconscious perceives environmental dangers and relays that info to the adrenals.   A healthy myelin buffers out some of the intensity, but a thin myelin allows the raw stimulus to hit the nerves, so what would typically register a 5 for someone with a healthy myelin will register a 9+. 

After the over heightened stimulus, the adrenals analyze the danger as much more than what it actually is.   The adrenals then release the adrenaline that would be typically for a danger 9+ situation although the threat is much less.

Adrenal glands which are constantly being over stimulated will react more quickly and intensely.

These two factors can grow to the point that even the slightest event can cause a huge surge of adrenalin which causes a full blown anxiety attack.

There are several things which can hyper stimulate the adrenal gland

If you are experiencing anxiety or panic attack, I think it would be wise if you avoided the following:

  • Coffee, tea (regular and decaf)
  • Caffeine
  • Heavy metal music or any music with a powerful beat or chaotic in structure
  • Video games which are adrenaline producing
  • Intense action or horror movies
  • Adrenaline driven activities such as sky diving

Soothing the Adrenals is the key

I believe nourishing these two glands with a supplement void of any stimulants or glandulars is essential.
Mood Elevator, Nervous fatigue or Parsley appear to be very helpful.

Adrenals can also contribute to insomnia characterized by the inability to fall to sleep, or turning your mind off at night. 
A weak adrenal can produce the feeling of being hung over in the mornings if awakening early (6 AM). 

When the adrenals are really weak, they can affect blood pressure (either high or low), blood sugar levels and stamina.

It is hard enough going through everyday trials without having them magnified by excess adrenaline rushing through the veins.  The peace and ability to turn off the anxiety mode is amazing. You will LOVE it.

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