Self cutting, Self injury, Self biting, Self burning

Although not “officially” considered a type of Obsessive Compulsive 
Disorder, I see it often accompanied by OCD symptoms.

I think the adrenals are also involved.

For those who never experienced such an urge, please let me try to explain.

Some people have such intense negative emotions and feelings that they 
seem unbearable.  The agony that they cause inside of the person is 
relieved slightly when the person inflicts an injury, which helps 
facilitate in the release of the emotion they feel.

I am not sure why, but it appears that this phenomena needn’t be taught 
and has been evident throughout many cultures and centuries of time.   
This however, doesn’t make it a healthy practice.

Scarring, infections, if taken to the severe, death from blood loss can 
occur, plus the practice doesn’t permanently alleviate the pressure.

Punching a bag, blood curdling screaming, cutting out ALL coffee, tea, 
caffeine, adrenaline producing movies and video games can prevent the 
pressure from building. And avoiding stress, if possible.

Soothing the adrenals and nourishing the myelin sheathing is probably THE 
best solution for these feelings.

Omega 3 oils, Nervous Fatigue and Chinese Stress Relief in aggressive amounts are my first 

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