An article published in the May issue of Psychological Science,  was based on a Harris poll of 1,179 American children done in 2007, indicates that at least 10% of those children  who play video games show signs of serious addiction.  .


This phenomenon has been noted to accompany heavy metal music, high adrenaline movies and dangerous activities as well.


Some call it the adrenaline "rush" or "high".  Whatever name you give it, the high level of adrenaline can be addictive. 


When adrenals are over stimulated they can first cause anxiety and when they get exhausted … depression.


HIGH caffeine drink companies seem to be targeting kids... Red Bull for instance is portayed as fun producing in popular movies like cigarettes were back in our day.


The high visual and audio stimuli plus chemicals such as coffee, tea and caffeine are dooming many of the younger generation with a life time of adrenal problems.


I strongly suggest cutting out over stimulation be it caffeine or videos especially for our children.


I also suggest a raw vegetable and fruit diet which contains the organic sodium and potassium which the body uses to nourish and soothe these precious glands.


Studies aside, I too have noticed that more and more parents contacting me of their childrens swing between anxiety and depression, both are often helped when cutting out adrenaline producing activities.

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