Instead of depression medication I suggest


The liver has hundreds of functions and is pivotal in the regulation of hormones.  It also helps with the digestion of fats, which is needed for the nervous system.

Accompanying Symptoms:  poor digestion i.e. bloating or passing of gas; blood sugar imbalances; waking up at night for any reason; or any female problems with breast, ovaries or menses

Suggestions: Liver Cleanse formula in aggressive amounts.


Depression, which is accompanied by anxiety or phobias, is usually the result of poor adrenal function.

Accompanying Symptoms:  A feeling of stress or impending doom; inability to go to sleep until late; having an energy dip in the afternoon; or difficulty in waking up early in the morning.

Suggestions: Parsley and Mood Elevator Concentrate.

Lack of Fatty Acids and Thin Myelin Sheathing

The potential for the release of "feel good" neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin, lies with the health and thickness of the myelin sheathing (fatty coating on the nerves).  At least 70% of the brain and the myelin are made of fatty acids.   There are also herbs which appear to be the raw materials for the other 30%.

Accompanying Symptoms:  Noise and commotion gets on your nerves; having a hard time concentrating; or not dreaming (should dream every night).

Suggestions: Super Omega 3 Oils in aggressive amounts and a nervine combo such as Nerve Control or Chinese Stress Relief.


A lack of thyroid hormones can cause depression.  Often those who have a weak thyroid coupled with a thin myelin will exhibit bi-polar symptoms.

Accompanying Symptoms: Stinking thinking; paranoia; constant fatigue; weight fluctuation; or change in hair and skin.

Suggestions: Target TS II; Thyroid Activator; or TS II

Hypoglycemia aka Low Blood Sugar

During blood sugar lows, people often report feelings of aggression or depression, especially in children.

Coincident Symptoms:  Symptoms: Feeling shaky; weak; or having a headache when a meals has been skipped.

Suggestions:  Work with liver... Liver Cleanse Formula and GTF Chromium.


Often as a child enters adulthood their hormones become especially challenging.  

Coincident Symptoms: Bad attitude or explosive anger.

Suggestions:   Blessed Thistle.

As they say in the commercial, depression hurts.... but sometimes when you nourish the body, depression leaves.

So if you are reading this, please realize that there is hope.  I at one time suffered severely from depression, but after taking the things my body needed AND taking my mother's advice in trying my best to help others, I now absolutely love my life!



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