Causes of Depression

Depression is either caused by physical or psychological conditions.

No herb can truly reverse psychological depression... such as overcoming past hurts or abuse or making your husband more affectionate.

But herbs can help address the physical causes of depression.

Many of us feel blue now and then but that is not depression.  True depression is when it starts to be an intrinsic part of your life.

Depression is often compounded by its stigma, and by people telling you to just snap out of it or that you enjoy being miserable.    But no one truly wants to be depressed.

Without realizing it there are some who do not take action to help themselves out of the depression, usually because they have nothing with which to replace.  To give up their depression would be to leave a void in their lives.

In these cases, filling in even the smallest space of their lives with something outside of their depression can help.

My mother use to always say," Help others with their problems and you will soon forget your own."  Now that I am an old lady, I realize how smart my mother was.

This article is about those who are depressed for physical reasons such as chemical and hormonal imbalances.

Doctor's "cure all"...... Chemical-altering Drugs

It is a crime how flippantly the medical profession gives out mood-altering drugs.  For years, I have been aggravated by the large number of people who tell me that they have been told that their problems (most of which have been proven biologically based) were all in their heads.  Most of these people get relief by diet or supplements.

My very first encounter of Prozac abuse was a woman whose husband had died.  While her son was on his way to the hospital, he was killed in a wreck.  At the funeral, a doctor friend of the family gave her Prozac.  She came to me 2 years later saying that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

I suggested that she ask the doctor to wean her off the mind-altering drug.  For the first time she was able to grieve her "very real" loss and, as she worked through that grief, ALL of her symptoms of Alzheimer's completely disappeared. Another six or better years later she was still doing great!

The straw that broke the camel's back, and the reason for this heated article, is when a young boy of 6 didn't want to eat; he said that his stomach hurt.

After a series of very invasive tests, including putting a scope up his rectum, the doctor decided the boy was depressed and suggested that they consider drug therapy (Prozac).  Can you imagine... 6 years old and put on prozac?

After a consultation, we concluded that the little boy had parasites. His mother put him on a parasite cleanse instead.  After this boy passed pin worms and started to move his bowels regularly, his stomach and appetite were fine.

There have been many such cases.  Evidently in these cases, depression was misdiagnosed.  The first woman lost 2 people very dear to her... that was not unfounded depression...THAT WAS GRIEF!  What she was feeling wasn't a disease, but a natural response to the events that were going on in her life.

The little boy wasn't suffering from depression; his doctor was suffering from incompetence.

I am not saying that there is no such thing as clinical depression, as a matter of fact; I believe that it does exist.   However, I believe that most depression is either a physical response or it is a doctor's inability to determine what is wrong with someone.

At first glance Prozac may sound harmless, but looking at this mind-altering drug more closely encourages its avoidance.

The nervous system and brain are soothed and calmed when serotonin is released.  

Serotonin, the "feel good" neurotransmitter, is a substance that chemically connects the electrical impulse of one nerve ganglia to another.  After the adjoining ganglia receives the serotonin, some of the excess goes into the original ganglia or is absorbed by the body.

SSRIs (Selected Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) type medications, prevents the body from cleaning out the excess serotonin in hope of increasing the amount available.

This treatment may sound solid; however, blocking the reuptake disables the body's ability to regulate this vital substance.  So as your moods and activities change, the blocking of reuptake is constant.

The official list of side effects from SSRIs is quite mild compared to that of those who take them.  I have had 2 personal friends and countless people I have talked to that reported to me symptoms that are not in the official list of side effects.

These symptoms seem quite uniform.  They include: Sexual dysfunction (in both men and women); dad dreams; homicidal and suicidal thoughts; paranoia; dulled emotions; and a loss of concern about the consequences of their actions.

The New England Journal of Medicine also cited a study done in the University of California in San Diego which mentions birth defects from a pregnant woman taking this type of drug.  Because of this study and another reporting high risk of miscarriage, the March of Dimes is expected to soon advise all pregnant women to stop taking SSRIs and similar drugs.

The fastest growing target groups are juveniles and college students.  SSRIs are now the widest prescribed antidepressants in the U.S... $1.3 BILLION Dollars worth of Prozac prescriptions alone where filled in the year of 1994.   Now that the patent for this "miracle drug" has ran out, other SSRIs have been developed to entice the public.

It is a sad affair that doctors dispense SSRIs with little more thought than they used to dispense lollipops in my day.  Please remember that although it is given so liberally that does not mean that it is safe.

However if you are on SSRIs, Do not abruptly stop or go off them without a doctor's assistance.  Many people have contemplated killing themselves or others while quitting cold turkey.




  1. gratis downloaden on July 19, 2009 at 8:17 AM said:
    Great idea, but will this work over the long run?
  2. Dr Mary on July 22, 2009 at 10:38 AM said:
    Hi Gratis, :o) It definitely has the potential of working. I have had literally thousands of people report to me that it worked for them.
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