Recently someone asked me a question that I hear quite often.  "What is the significance of dreaming nightly"?  

It appears that when the nervous system has enough of the right nutrients to heal, you get into that dream REM of sleep. The opposite is more important... Any night you don't dream, your nervous system DIDN'T have enough nutrients to heal.

It is also believed that you heal more efficiently in that level of sleep you dream in.

Also it is believed that dreaming is a sort of rebooting of the brain.  Just at night you turn off your computer to start it up in the morning.  A rebooted computer typically works more efficiently.  Has less glitches in its processing information.

 I have even heard that psychologically it is better for you to dream... That dreaming is the body's way of analyzing what you experienced and felt during the day.

I have distinctly noticed that MOST people who do not have symptoms of OCD, ADD or GAD dream nightly.

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