Q:  Does or Doesn't St John's Wort help the nervous system?
A:  Sometimes.  Let me use an analogy to help you understand St. John's Wort' s  limitation.
In this analogy 
The St. John's Wort is a larger water pump than you have now. 
The water is neurotransmitters such as serotonin.  
The hose is your myelin sheathing in which lies the potential for the release of serotonin..
St. John's wort stimulates the release of serotonin....... if you have the right size hose, adding a pump of higher pressure can increase the flow.  If your myelin is healthy St John's Wort appears to help encouraging more serotonin release.
But if you have a hose the size of a straw, putting a high power water pump behind it can't not increase the flow.  If your myelin is thin, St John's Wort doesn't appear to help in serotonin release.

So for people who have a healthy myelin, St John's wort appears to help increase the release of serotonin.  But for those whose hose i.e. myelin is thin, the St. John's wort isn't very helpful.

I think in some cases it is better to nourish and increase the thickness of your myelin sheathing ... increasing the circumference of your hose.


NOTE:  Also St. John's Wort is counter indicated with SSRI's and other medications.  It also increases your susceptibility to sunburns.

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