There is evidence that magnesium is often deficient in those who have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) which supports the idea that Magnesium supplementation is beneficial to those with a thin myelin. 

I often don't suggest magnesium in the beginning because the protocol is expensive and I try to be very prudent in what I suggest.  But I want everyone to know that adding (800 to 1300 mg) magnesium to the protocol will not frustrate the protocol, but will actually enhance it.

Please just make sure that you balance the magnesium with potassium if you are deficient to prevent high blood pressure.

Magnesium helps the body metabolize B vitamins (I only suggest probiotics so the body can produce its own B complex since B Complex supplements can cause anxiety) and fatty acids.

But know that many have become symptom free without the magnesium.

In the mean time I would avoid things which can contribute to a magnesium deficiency such as milk products refined processed foods and saturated fats.

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