Potential Side Effects of Fatty Acids

Since most fatty acids contain prostaglandins, which is considered a natural anti-inflammatory.  After taking FA supplements, people report less stiffness and pain in their joints.

The body needs fats to manufacture vitamin D which is used for immune function, bone growth etc.  UV light completes the Vitamin D production.

Good fats help with inflammation in the arteries, which is believed to be the real culprit behind plaque and cholesterol build up.  Fats are believed to heal the little rip and abrasions and helps the arteries remain clear of plaque and supple.

This isn't hard to understand when you think of what people use oils and fats for in the skin.  To soothe, moisturize and heal.

Because all hormones and antibodies are attached to a fat, oil or cholesterol, it makes sense when people suspect that an intake of Evening Primrose Oil could help menses problems and foster a healthier immune response.

Since 70% of the brain and myelin of the nervous system is made of fat and cholesterol... not only do people use Super Omega 3 oil and Flaxseed oil for OCD and GAD, but many report an improvement in concentration and memory.

There are only 2 precautions of taking fat supplements that I know of.... One is if you are on a blood thinner or have a bleeding disorder because they very slightly thin the blood and Two, if taken without a protein, the fats can settle in the liver.

Of course most people would call the above side effects, I call them side benefits.

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