Eat Butter?  But isn't Butter Bad for the Heart?

People have been mislead to believe that.

 I like many people in the natural health field believe that the margarine is good and butter is bad…   wrong!!!


According to a chart from a lecture that I attended on fats, oils and cholesterol, butter is only 1 molecule from being plastic and the lecture said there are studies which show that the body can not break down margarine.


If anyone would like a copy of the chart showing the steps to make margarine email me and I will send it to you


After seeing it, I feel sure you will think... Oh my goodness, how could anyone with good conscious market margarine as something healthy.


On the other hand, butter has been the mainstay for many generations.   My parents and grandparents used both butter and lard.   None died of a heart attack.   All were sharp as a tack mentally when they died.


I know there is conflicting information, please continue to research.   I have and my conclusion?...  Pass the Butter. :o)

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