People who try to build their myelin or soothe their adrenals and still drink caffeine, coffee and regular tea (not most herbal teas) do not get the results that those who quit them get.  

When I tell people how these drinks can over stimulate the adrenals to the point of exhaustion, thin their myelin and drain out their B vitamins, their countenance usually collapse and they say.... But how will I get moving in the morning... or I won't last the whole day..... or I need the energy. 

Ultimately a health body has even more energy than a weakened body being beaten to death with caffeine stimulants.  If you abstain from caffeine and nourish your body long enough you probably will get to the point where you no longer need your cup of java.  

But how do you survive the interval between now and peak health? Until recently I could only tell people my... It won't last for ever and is best for you overall, speech. But NOW. :o)   There is a homeopathic patch called Energy Enhance, that helps open the chi or energy in the body, without artificially stimulating the adrenals burning them out.  

They appear to be totally non addictive and I believe provides real promise for those who need to kick the caffeine addiction. 

The days I need oodles of energy I put the white patch on my right and the brown on my left wrist....And I am good to go.... and go.  

You can also put them on the chest. (Email for Chart)... and then take them off about 30 min before you want to go to sleep.  

They are not necessary to take in the healing of the myelin or adrenals.... they just help until your body can be healthy enough to generate all the natural energy you need.

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