An email I got the other day has spurred today’s blog entry….

Q.  I was reading some information you wrote about how to cure OCD.  You mentioned if a person's cholesterol is low, ideally it should be at or over 170 for the ability to repair.  Can you tell me how to raise my cholesterol? 

A.   It is your liver which produces cholesterol.  I would suggest Liver Cleanse formula in aggressive amounts. --->  aggressive amounts. I would also avoid unnecessary medicines especially those like tylenol and chemicals.  Asparagus, Zucchini and Dandelion are nourishing to the liver.


Q.   Also, would it be helpful for me to take an Omega 3 & 6 combined oil to help cure this?

A.  Omega oils help compensate for low cholesterol..  The body can use fatty acids as a substitute for some of the cholesterol jobs.  However I strongly suggest you take them with a liver and in a prudent amount, so not to put a stress on the liver. 

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