Hoarding an obsession shared by over 3 million people marked by the accumulation of excessive clutter, i.e. keeping items including those which are worthless or unneeded.

The side effect of hoarding includes confusion or overwhelming feeling due to too much stimuli, a feeling of congestion of thoughts, actions and emotions also often occurs.

There is a debate over whether hoarding is just a mental illness or a type of OCD.   I believe it to be an emotional driven type of OCD.

Often those who hoard feel they will lose the memory that was attached to an object, or feel they are letting go of a part of themselves, or they may be deprived of it in the future because of giving it away, or feel guilty about wasting something.

How to combat this condition?

As a person overcomes the cause of their OCD (for example, the myelin is now releasing enough neurotransmitters) they are then faced with the overwhelming task of tackling the mounds of residue left over from their condition.

Helpful hints:

  • Commission someone to help you.  There are professional organizers who do this for a fee
  • Do it is small spurts… 30 min a day
  • Do common rooms first… One room at a time.
  • It is sometimes easier to donate your stuff instead of putting them into the garbage.
  • Put things in 3 piles..
  1.  That which you have to definitely keep
  2.  That which you can donate
  3.  A Maybe pile.

After you have been through all the stuff…. Put the definite "Keepers" way in their proper place, dropped off what you are going to donate and  re-examine the "Maybe" pile.  

Some people even say put the "Maybe" pile in a room and if you haven’t needed to find something in that pile in 6 months to just donate it all. 

Hoarding is common…. My father had our basement filled to the max… Through a lot of conflict, my mother was able to make him confine it to there.

 I have a dear friend who hoard and later became so constipated in her emotions and actions that she lost her job, home, and finally freedom to live outside of an institution.    So I know that being a “pack rat” can have devastating effects.

 But to stop the need to hoard, I believe working with the myelin is the first step.

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