Instinctively all animals crave contact.   Puppies will pile on top of each other to sleep on even the hottest of days.  It is not the warmth alone they seek but the connection.  I saw a documentary where an experiment was conducted using a baby monkey with 2 fake mothers… One was made of cold, hard steel, which dispensed food, the other was more lifelike but was incapable of providing food.. 

The baby monkey would go to the one resembling the real mother even when hungry.

They also showed baby monkeys deprived of all physical contact (which I thought was so cruel) and the baby monkeys slowly declined in health and alertness.   They just look like they were fading away. 

The medical profession also has discovered that premature baby’s survival rate increases when they are caressed and touched. 

We as a society do not touch enough…. So many people have lost the ability to give a proper hug.  They hold back, they get stiff; they do not exchange a genuine sharing of themselves.  

I think we are losing the ability to share space with another because slowly we have equated touch with sex…. There are so many pure, platonic touches.   Touch can heal both physically as well as emotionally. 

Although a loving human contact is the best, if you have no one close to share touch with, get a message.  Buy a puppy or kitten. 

If you have gone a day without truly sharing touch with another, that is entirely too long.  

I hope that every who reads this learns to hug more..  Connect…dare to look into another’s eyes while you talk to them, offer a smile quickly to a stranger or even a "Hi".

We might be more emotional evolved than a primate, but without touch we too like the poor deprived monkeys, will notice a part of us will begin to fade away.

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