There are a growing number of people who seem to have methylation problems.   I finally had the time to do enough research on the subject to begin to understand it. 

Methylation – type of chemical reactions in the body.   These reactions help with detoxing, and balancing  neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin, etc.

An estimated 40% of all people’s body keep these chemical reactions balanced, while 45% are under-methylated and 15% are over methylated.

It is a concern when this chemical reaction is not happening enough or too much.  And that is what today’s blog is about.

I have to admit, I do not have my mind totally wrapped around this set of processes in the body.   But hopefully what I do know will be of help to you. 

OVER-methylation (keeps turning things on) 15 % of population Histapenia

Symptoms of

High anxiety

Low libido

Obsessions but not compulsions


Auditory hallucinations


Heavy body hair

Nervous legs

Grandiosity (exaggerating) 

Upper body pain

Dry eyes


Chemical sensitivities

Food allergies

Adverse reactions to SSRI’s and St John’s wort

Blood test indicators

Elevated levels of dopamineNorepinephrine - serotonin, and low absolute basophils (a type of white blood cell involved in immune response) and whole blood histamines (what causes the symptoms of an allergic reaction such as swelling)..

Foods and supplements which help

Omega 3 oils

High protein diet


Folic acid

Niacin (Niacinamide)




Vitamins C and E


Supplements to avoid






We will discuss Undermethylation next week.

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