Mercury Brain Flush

While looking for ideas for I found a mercury brain flush from a class I attended.

I know some people associate many health conditions on mercury toxicity, anything from Anxiety to Yeast overgrowth.

So I am putting this protocol on today’s blog, I am not well experienced with it, but the person who taught the class has a “impeccable” reputation as a naturopath.

She especially recommended immediately after having amalgam (mercury) fillings removed.

NOTE:  Use Vitamin C ascorbates so not to cause an electrolyte imbalance.  A person in a weakened state, have severe GERD or lacking minerals should consult a competent health professional before proceeding.

Step #1   Star with 1000 mg Vitamin C Ascorbates in 2 oz of water (you can mix in a few ounces of orange juice to help make palatable).

Step #2   Every 30 minutes, repeat the dosage until you have a watery , dare I say explosive, stool flush. (so stay short shot from a commode).  When you get to that level stop the Vitamin C for that day.

Step #3 Keep track of the milligrams of Vitamin it took to get to the watery stool.  The next day, if you got the diarrhea at 10,000 mg, then back down by 1000 or 2000 so you are staying at bowel tolerance or in other words, just under diarrhea level.

CAUTION:   Do not take the amount that would give you more than 1 movement of water… Diarrhea can cause you to lose too many minerals which can be dangerous.

Step #4 Stay on this bowel tolerance level for 1 month and then repeat a few days every month.

 For those who try it, are reported to have lowered levels of mercury in their blood and hair analysis.

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