Interesting Brain Facts

Dr. Amen is an amazing man and teacher..  I was privileged of attending one of his lectures. 

Here are a few interesting facts about the brain:

What is good for your heart is also good for your brain.

Broccoli contains 40% protein.

Walnuts contain 3X the amount of fats as does Almonds.

Fat stores toxic materials.  As one loses body fat, these toxins are released into the system, so it is imperative to consume a lot of fiber and keep the bowels moving, so not to reabsorb those toxins.

New brain cells live 4 weeks and will die unless they are stimulated by use (intellectual or analytical thought)

Things which poison the brain include: Alcohol, caffeine, painting, Tylenol, pain meds, nutra sweet, MSG, etc.

Supplements good for the brain are Gingko, sage, huperazine, omega oils, walnuts, pecans, gotu kola

Sleep, exercise, music therapy helps in brain repair.

The brain is composed mostly of fats and water.   Sometimes when a person is feeling muddled or even some head aches are cause by dehydration.

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