Stop before you take fatty supplements, read this article first!

There are many people who are taking oil based supplements such as: Vitamins A, D, E and K as well as Flax seed oil, Evening Primrose oils, Black currant oil etc., are not getting the full benefit from them.

Actually they can cause stress on the liver. They are also more likely to be toxic (vitamins) and can lead to a fatty liver. The reason for this is that these supplements are oil soluble and the blood is water soluble. To understand this, think about trying to wash oil off of a pan. The water can't transport the oil. What is needed is a soap such as dawn dish detergent to emulsify (make the oil particles smaller), so that the water can wash away the oil. So it is with the blood and oil supplements.

To remedy this, I suggest that you take oil soluble supplements with a protein so it encourages the liver to produce bile salts (much like dawn dish detergent) which will then help emulsify the oils, so the blood can transport them to the tissue instead of settling in the liver.

Good sources of protein are: Nuts, Seeds, Legumes/ Beans, Eggs, Avocadoes, Fish and Meats.







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