The Powerful Probiotic

 In your intestine there are beneficial bacteria aka good bacteria or friendly flora, etc.

Due to antibiotic… either prescribed or those found in some can foods and commercially raised meat, many of the friendly bacteria can be killed off 

To remedy this people often take billions of these bacteria in a supplement form.

The benefits of taking a probiotic are numerous.    They aid in digestion, help in preventing yeast overgrowth and aid in immunity.

The bacteria in the probiotic also excretes B vitamins.   Unlike B Vitamins supplements, those produced by the body rarely if ever cause an adverse reaction.

Many people use yogurt in hopes to increase the friendly bacteria in their intestine.   But often the HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) kills most of the bacteria before they can reach the intestine where they are to reside.

Therefore, I strongly suggest probiotics that labeled enteric coated.  Enteric coating does not break down in the stomach, but rather in the intestine.

I believe in taking a full spectrum probiotic, because different strains provide different benefits.   My VERY favorite is a product called Probiotic 11.

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