There are advantages disadvantages of medication and herbs.

Medicine usually produces faster results, while herbs often take months to see the same results.    

You don’t have to choke down foul tasting tea or large amount of capsules when you go the conventional route, that you have to going natural.

However ALL medicines are tissue and liver toxic and can cause an array of side effects, Herbs?  Typically nourish or help cleanse the body and produce side benefits.

The Holistic approach helps set the body in correct frame and function, while Allopathic approach  poisons, dulls or stimulates the body functions.

BUT NOW…. Modern technology has combined the best of both concepts.   Lifewave Pain Patches homeopathic and amino acid base product help improve the energy and function in the body.  It is applied topically to pain or acupuncture points, nothing it consumed or absorbed.

I like most other people report a 80% reduction of pain within a 2 to 3 minutes.  Nothing in my 20+ years of studying natural modalities, I have never been more impressed.

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