Fruit has so many good things in them… Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Cancer preventative properties, etc.   It can also help detox the body.

I once took a class on food combining which covered how best to eat fruits, then recently was sent an article from a friend on it.

It is said 3 to 5 fruits a day for the average healthy person…. But how you eat your fruit is perhaps even more important than how many… For instance ALL fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach, so it digests instead of rots.

It should be eaten raw or if you juice, freshly juiced so you benefit from the live enzymes which die shortly after juice is extracted and/or during the cooking process.

When you juice you should mix it thoroughly with saliva before you swallow, to help with the digestion process and get maximum nutrients otherwise lost.

A wide variety is best and various colors.    It is best to eat warm climate fruits in the summer and cold climate fruits in the winter if you live in the north, so the fruit doesn’t thin you blood.

It is also best to eat sweet fruits and sour fruits separately and as most herbalist say... “Eat Melons alone or leave them alone”.

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