It is said that Paxil manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline has lawsuit settlements which have racked up a bill of 1 BILLION dollars… The suits include suicides, attempted suicides and addiction.

There are also numerous suits for birth defects of babies born to mother’s taking this product during their pregnancy.

The birth defects include Malformation, lung defects and several different kinds of heart defects. 

If I was a woman of child baring age, I would not take paxil… If I was already on paxil, I would ask my doctor to slowly wean me off and work with it natural modalities.

It is estimated that the lawsuit bill could reach 1.6 BILLION dollars, lives lost and ruined… why isn’t this hitting front page news?   How many women and babies are at risk who never heard of the lawsuit?   Something is definitely wrong with the information we are getting.

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