Oh, say, what is truth?  That song is what came to my mind when I read an article today called “What Causes ADHD?  Myths and Facts” written by experts in their field.   Mostly doctors.

Under the section hyperactivity and sugar… they wrote…..”Parents often blame sugar for a child’s hyperactive behavior, but it’s time to stop.  “The overwhelming number of studies have not been able to demonstrate behavior changes due to sugar consumption in children”.

Well my son should have been in one of those studies.   Although sugar may not effect ALL hyperactive children, after living with my son for 16 years, I know for a fact that at least one was. 

It amazes me that studies can be so flawed…. Not just this one but so many…. One study will prove one thing while another study will prove the opposite.

So how do we know what is truth?   In part I would use common sense, I would educate myself with basic physics, I would research things and I would look at the studies but as only 1 part of helps me make my decision.

I would then keep a journal, tract how you feel to what you have done… See what is true for you, and how you react to things.  Do you own personal study.

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