Addiction from Prescribed Medicines

Sometimes medicines are necessary.  Once when I was in the hospital, every hour the nurse came in to give me a pain shot.   The only thing was, I wasn't really in pain.   The doctor had prescribed it just incase I would experience pain and the initially was going to give it to me until I questioned the need.  Even sadder is the fact that some of the medicines cause the body to be dependant and/or addicted.

More and more people are turning to herbs, and as they start feeling better, their first thought often is to stop the medication.  This can be very unwise and quite dangerous.   I strongly suggest only go off medicines with the help of your doctor.

Even if a person is weaned off certain medication correctly, addictive withdrawal symptoms are experienced.  As a matter of fact I know people who still feel withdrawl symptoms as long as 5 years after being weaned off.

Short term Distress Remedy might be helpful.   Long term, I suggest Lobelia, Chinese Stress Relief, Super Omega 3 oils and Tahitian Morinda.

Plenty of water and exercise is also reported to be very helpful.  Ultimately I would avoid any unnecessary medicines in the first place.

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