An amazing man and one of my few heros Jack LaLane died today at the age of 96.  Up until the end he was juicing and exercising, blogging and promoting health.

He started 81 years ago at 15, excercising and changing his then very poor diet.   Out of tribute for him today I want to talk about exercise.  I am not a couch potato, actually I don't even own a couch. :o)  But I am horrible at exercise, I eat well, I take supplements, I don't take poisons into my body.   But without the exercise my health is only a fraction of what it should be.

I have become a office chair jockey.   The only muscles I flex are the part of my legs that scoots me from one part to the other while my butt is asleep in the chair.

Daily exercise is so good for you.  It moves lymph, helps eliviate mild stress, oxinates the brain and organs.  Helps peristalic action of the digestive system.....

Time is my hold back.   But I am going to try to MAKE the time from now on and encourage you to do the same.

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