Since it takes 14 capsules to equal 1 capsule of flaxseed oil, it is more economical to use the non-capsule form. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

First make sure the flaxseed oil is treated and protected with an antioxidant such as vitamin E. The taste is less than desirable and unfortunately it doesn’t come cherry flavored. :o) But there are ways to mask the taste.

Take 8 ounces of flaxseed oil and blend with ½ pound of butter.

Puree it thoroughly. It will be the consistency of margarine and can be used on bread, noodles or vegetables etc.

Keep refrigerated and in an air tight container.

Do not use in cooking. Heat destroys the effectiveness of the oil.

I put 4 ounces of flaxseed oil in my salad dressing and then eat my salad with a spoon to get all the vinegar and oil.

My daughter dribbles flaxseed on her kid’s eggs. Some mix it in cooked oatmeal before they eat it.

Put in a smoothie is an excellent way as well. Flaxseed oil is so beneficial, so please don’t let the taste keep you from this excellent supplement. Hopefully the above suggestions will help.

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