Through Dr. Mercola’s website, I learned of CNN’s list of best and worse of sleeping positions.


They suggest:


The Back position is the best:

Because it helps prevent pain of back and neck, reduces the development of wrinkles and help in acid reflux.   The downside is you tend to snore.  The only position which keeps breast perky.

The Side position they say is next best:

This position is accredited with the above benefits except for the wrinkles with less.   Doctors often tell pregnant women it is the preferred position during pregnancy.

The Fetal position, not so good:

Better for snoring and during pregnancy but can lead to back and neck pain.

The Stomach position labeled the worse:

You are less likely to snoring, but it contributes to joint and muscle pressure, acid reflux, promotes wrinkles and adversely effects breast tissue.

I believe there is no ONE position which is best.  I get this wisdom from a cat we had.  For those of you who never had a cat, they snooze a lot. :o)  But they change positions often.

I was getting a discomfort in my back and hip.  I was a right side fetal sleeper.  I knew it is best to put a pillow between my knees, but my hips and back pain woke me up in the morning and lessened during the day.  

I thought I would start sleeping like a cat, changing positions.  The difference was amazing.  I might have wrinkles, but I am out of pain. :o)

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