It has been shown that parsley juice in a petri dish inhibits the growth of abnormal cells such as cancer cells.

High in Potassium it helps with

High blood pressure

Adrenal health

Preventing charley horses

Natural diuretic

Nourishes the Kidneys

Being high in Boron, parsley is also helpful in bone health and repair.

But that is not all, parsley is high in iron, Vitamins A, B and C as well as trace minerals.

It is believed that parsley helps inhibit the body's ability to release histamines and if often use by those who suffer from respiratory allergies and sinus congestion.

Parsley is probably best know for accompanying a meal as a pretty garnish. Originally it was added to the plate because of its reputation in aiding digestion, helping with gas and because it helps deodorize.

The whole plant can be used from root to seed of this biannual plant (plant which seeds every other year). by most people.

The only known caution for this remarkable herb is for those on dialysis (because the root has strong diuretic properties and may push an already severely weak kidney) and for nursing mothers (because it can dry up breast milk).

The fresh herb is best, but encapsulized herbs are very beneficial. Commercially dried parsley flakes which are dark in color have usually been dried in a way that the herb is no longer very nutritious.

Parsley does well in container planters, therefore it can be grown indoors or on a patio.


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