I once went to a lecture where the speaker said "Stress should be like violin strings" He explained no stress-pull on the violin string and you can't make music, it leaves only a dull thump... Too much and the string can snap.

I realize this is true in my life. When my grandkids were done being home schooled for the summer (I help teach them math), I just vegged a few days. No deadlines often for me, means not getting much done.

However, I am the kind of person who usually bites off more than they can chew.... And often feel like I am on the verge of the "snap".

The body's Stress mechanism response was not meant for everyday occurrence. It was meant as an emergency survival during extreme times such as a bear attack.

This constant stress urgency most people are living under now a days, takes its toll on our health and body.

Many people use yoga, listening to music, praying and meditation, alcohol or medication to cope. This might give a temporary release of the emotional aspect of stress and the first three can be very health promoting, but none of them use up the adrenaline that is released during times of stress.

The best way to release excess adrenaline is to punch on something like a firm pillow until exhaustion.

The best way to moderate the stress hormones of the adrenals is a new nano technology patch called Aeon. People are using this acupressure patch to prevent that cortisol weight gain often associated with a stressed life.

During times I feel like I might snap, I put a patch over my right adrenals and ah.... I can function without snapping again.


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