I am sooooooo excited about a small line of flower essences which will be available in October.

They are combinations made of the American equivalent of Bach Flower Remedies.

Although soothing the adrenal, strengthening the function of the liver and nourishing the myelin is still supremely important.  I think these remedies will be very beneficial.

Here they are with a little synopsis of what they are helpful for.

  • Distress Remedy…….. Same as old works… Just a little different 
  • Keep cool ….. Anger, irritability, feeling cranky, losing one’s temper.
  • Finding Strength….. For those who are afraid to express anger or suppresses anger, someone who is a doormat
  • Release It….. For those who are experiencing griefs, sadness, pity party, whining, to be able move on and let go of the past.
  • Open Heart…. For those who are afraid to be hurt, cold, lack empathy, be more loving and compassionate, hard hearted, closed heart
  • Be Courageous……FEAR, indecisiveness, can’t make own decisions
  • Be Response-able….. Suppress fear, reckless, addictions, compulsions

They will be in 2 ounce bottles which cost…. Wholesale 19.95… retail 29.95.

Although they are not flower essences, a friend of my suggest people apply Lavender, Roman Chamomile and/or Red Mandarin to brainstem to help with OCD and GAD.

My ex husband had issues with abandonment.  He took a flower essence called Purple Monkey Flower and it worked wonderfully.

The best part about these products is they should work quickly.

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