David, a wonderful friend of mine sent me a link to an article on “Ultra-Shape”

Since it was in a health news type bulletin, I thought it was going to talk about the cure for cancer or hemorrhoids or something that will ease suffering.  But it wasn’t… the article started out by saying… COMING TO AMERICA SOON!!!.. it was talking about new product called ultrashape which they are trying to get FDA approved to use in the United States.

Ultrashape machine is using ultrasound to destroy fat cells so the body can rid itself of unwanted fat and cellulite.  Sounds interesting?  It sure did to me, I was thinking of buying a home version and keep it on all night long. :o)  But then I thought what would it do to the myelin sheathing (protective fatty coating around the nerve.

Doesn’t it make you wonder… If ultrasound can break up fat in the tissue of your thighs, what is ultrasound that is pointed towards an infant’s brain is made of fatty acids and cholesterol.

If an opera singer hitting a high note can shatter glass, and that doctors use ultrasound to break up gall and kidney stones, even tough to break calcium stones, then the potential of damage is there.

Most doctors probably don’t know when their fetal stethoscope is stored.  Almost ALL doctors use a Doppler to listen to a baby’s heartbeat.  An article I read said that the Doppler does more damage to the nervous system as an ultrasound.

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