I have had OCD.  I know you can just “get over it”  This Blog is no way trying to say that.  However, I think it is important to let people know that the mind is a powerful thing. 

Double blind studies are set up with a placebo because they have found that a person who perceives something will work has a strong influence on the treatment.  A person’s thoughts and believe can either enhance or impair a nutritional protocol.

But we have to keep in mind that our brains and emotions are amazing.  So monitoring our thoughts and feelings can be a profound influence on our health.

Recently I have taken a webinar and was reminded on how thoughts effect our brains and chemicals which are released.  The lecturer Sylvia Rogers wrote a book called “CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS”

Here are some facts which I personally didn’t realize

  • Negative thinking causes inflammation in the inner limbic system
  • It lowers serotonin levels
  • It causes acid and causes physical changes within the brain

Lies also effect your brain… when you speak words which conflict with what is in your heart, neurochemicals slow or stop and stress is realized and your thought life diminishes.

The lecturer suggest that we think before you react, try to dwell on uplifting thought and reject negative, pessimistic thoughts.

There are clear improvements in the activity of our immune system hormonal system, nervous system, brain and heart when we give and receive love.

Or as my mother use to say, the best way to  get over feeling sad or to forget your own problems is to help someone else through theirs.

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