Seasonal Affective Disorder aka The Winter Blues

Most living things are dependant and effected by the sun. 

I dare say the average person feels more energy and joy on a beautiful, clear, sunny day, but there are many whose experience a marked lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm and depression when deprived from those essential rays.

Some so severely (about 1 in 10 to 20, dependent on how close you are to the north or south pole) that they revert to taking medication to survive it.

SO how do you know if you truly have SAD? 



#1 Symptoms happen at the same time of the year

#2 Symptoms are alleviated unassisted during sunny seasons

#3 Symptom cycles happen at least 2 years

#4 Same symptoms are not experienced off season times

 I would suspect you have this condition.

The pineal gland is paramount in how someone handles the winter lighting.  Things that nourish the pineal, so it is able to retain the sun’s benefit, are:  Thai-go, Blueberries, Blackberries, Prunes… any berry which is dark blue or purple.

Getting an adequate amount of Ultra Violet light, i e, sunlight during the sunny days.  Avoid sunglasses when possible so the retna receives the indirect sun rays which stimulates and strengthens the pineal gland.

If that isn’t adequate, I suggest full spectrum lighting in the home and office.  Now, you buy light bulbs that fit into existing light fixtures.   I personally would try these measures before medications.  


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