“I am going to wash that gray right out of my hair?  Isn’t that how the jingle goes?  So why is this posted on an OCD website?

It takes a minute so please bare with me.

Although there is a theory that wear and tear of the follicles of the hair produces peroxide which when it accumulates inhibits the synthesis of the hairs pigmentation called melanin which gives your hair color.  There is another which believes a lack of natural copper (not the metal but the mineral)

The liver stores copper, so the lack of this copper or greying can indicate a weakened liver.

The liver function DEFINITELY effects OCD and GAD.  Ironically the liver needs copper to be healthy.. as well as iron.

Foods high in these minerals are: Prunes, oranges, beets, almonds, eggs, whole grains, dried beans and green leafy vegetables.

There are herbs which has the reputation of prolonging younger hair color.

  • Sage, which can be added to food.
  • Fo Ti or more commonly known as Ho Sho Wu, which translates loosely as Look at Mr. Wu’s black hair. Based on the legend that a gentleman named Mr. Wu took the herb and didn’t get gray hair until he was far into his 90’s.

So I wonder if those herbs are also helpful for the liver.

Personally I don’t mind my gray hair.  Part of being a grandma includes being gray :o) But I do want to be healthy, so instead of ignoring my gray hair, I think I will nourish my liver.


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