In October NSP is coming out with a small line of flower essence combinations which are made of the American equivalent of Bach Flower Remedies.

Everyone knows a good bowel or liver detox is helpful to the over all health of a person, well emotional toxins being purge is equally beneficial. .

Here is a little synopsis of what they are and the symptoms they address.

  • Distress Remedy…….. Same as old works… Just a little different 
  • Keep cool ….. Anger, irritability, feeling cranky, losing one’s temper.
  • Finding Strength….. For those who are afraid to express anger or suppresses anger, someone who is a doormat
  • Release It….. For those who are experiencing griefs, sadness, pity party, whining, to be able move on and let go of the past.
  • Open Heart…. For those who are afraid to be hurt, cold, lack empathy, be more loving and compassionate, hard hearted, closed heart
  • Be Courageous……FEAR, indecisiveness, can’t make own decisions
  • Be Response-able….. Suppress fear, reckless, addictions, compulsions

My ex husband had issues with abandonment.  He took a flower essence called Purple Monkey Flower and it worked wonderfully.

They will be in 2 ounce bottles which cost $19.96 …. Wholesale

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