Lessen your chance of stroke or heart attack by improving the quality and consistency of your blood.


Sticky, thick blood can clot… If the clot goes to the brain, it can cause a stroke, to the heart… a heart attack.

High Triglycerides causes the blood to get sticky and thicker.   This can be very dangerous. 

Triglycerides are a byproduct caused by poor digestion of carbohydrates and fats.   Limiting the carbohydrates to a prudent amount is helpful… Eating only good fats is also helpful.

It is the liver’s job to digest those foods.  So in addition, I would nutritionally support the liver… My favorite is liver cleanse formula.

Until the liver starts functioning at peak performance, Vitamin E with selenium (taken with a protein) helps the blood become more slippery.

Super Omega 3 oil and pau de arco are gentle natural blood thinners.  CAUTION:  Do not take with blood thinners like Coumadin.

Drinking 4 oz of room temperature distilled water every hour for 3 days reportedly pulls triglycerides out of the blood.

Dehydration can also cause the blood to get thick… I strongly suggest drinking ½ of the body weight in ounces of water.

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