If one of your new years resolutions is to have a healthier 2012 and if you can afford it and you have no major health concern, a gentle detox is a good start for beginning any health improvement protocol.

But doing it right is so important.  You want the body to be able to evacuate the toxins, so certain steps are essential.

First, I would make sure my bowels were moving at least once a day, preferably three times a day. 

Secondly I would take 2 Chinese Liver Balance Concentrate and 2 packs of Tiao He Cleanse a day for 30 days.    This helps the bile start to flow and starts a siphoning out of toxins from the body. 

I also suggest Everybody’s fiber because it is important at this time to intake a significant amount of fiber to help hold onto the toxins until they evacuate from the bowel, hence preventing the body from reabsorbing them.

Thirdly I would do a parasite cleanse alternated with a parasite cleanse… I recommend….. Para-cleanse, then a Tiao He cleanse then another Para-cleanse, Tiao He cleanse and the final Para-cleanse ending with a Tiao He.

I would then suggest taking probiotic eleven (8 a day).

Lastly, I would follow a good diet rich in raw vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins and whole grains.


It is infinitely easier to retain good health than to regain it after it is lost.   A yearly or Biyearly cleanse can help retain good health.

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