When you go to the doctor or even to an herbalist, make sure you take along your common sense.  Here is an example of why this is important.

Usually the cause of pain in the tailbone is a fall or a delivery a large baby.  But a few years back, a guy in his late 50’s came to me complaining of a pain while he was sitting and intensifying immediately upon rising, but if he walked around for a while the pain seemed to lessen. He said it felt like the tailbone was bruised.

Knowing a deficiency in trace minerals can cause such pain,  I suggested he might be lacking trace minerals. “NO.. my doctor says it is caused by an extra bone that I was born with in my tailbone” he practically shouted.

When asked, how long her suffered, he revealed that it hadn’t hurt him before that time. Sarcastically I said, if the pain is caused by something you were born with, why didn’t it hurt for the whole 59 years?

He had no argument for that logic so he agreed to take 1 oz in the AM and 1 oz in the PM for 2 months colloidal mineral but it was to PROVE I was wrong.

For a full year, I didn’t know how the minerals worked until he called up to make an appointment to help his mother’s osteoporosis. He said the minerals alleviated ALL of his tailbone pain and he avoided the operation on his spine which the doctors said was necessary to get him pain free.

To think the doctor’s suggest was an operation. If you have similar symptoms, I sure hope you at least try the Ionic minerals BEFORE you let a doctor hack into you, if you have tail bone pain.

So please analyze what a doctor or an herbalist tells you before you do what they say.

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