Is there a doctor in the House….Knowing that the AMA and pharmaceuticals have their investments in the media, I am amazed that the TV show House has not been canceled.   For those who never watch the show it is like a medical mystery program on Fox on Monday nights.  Each and every week a doctor names House who is an abrasive, obnoxious egotistical doctor breaks rules and laws while practicing medicine under the influence of Vicodins which he eats like candy.  The hospital administrator basically ignores his addiction. 

Each week inevitably there is a patient who has a condition with very complicated symptoms and house and his group of doctors GUESS at what is wrong with the patients.  Putting them through all kind of test and treatment which almost kills them several times, with the “Oh well” attitude as the person bleeds from an orifice or has his brain nearly explode.

During this whole time, the doctors… especially doctor House ignores the patients’ wishes, ridicules their beliefs and assumes they are lying.  

You can count on the fact that right before the end of the show miraculously the team of doctors happen upon the right diagnosis and usually save the person’s life.

The really scary thing about this show is that House is probably really close to a reality show, except in the real life the patient doesn’t always live.  

I am not saying never go to a doctor, but when you do, make him take the time to talk to you and explain the risks and side effects.  I would also always get second opinion

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