A few years ago it is West Nile Disease, then Bird Flu.... I personally know of noone who had either of them... So this year... it is The Swine Flu. 


What a farce…If the CDC was so upfront with warning people why did they let blood tainted with HIV and Hepatitis C go unannounced for years after they knew there was a problem.  But we are suppose to get our panties in a twist about bird flu (which never happened) and now swine flu… Go figure.


Does anyone other me question it being a co-incidence that the pharmaceutical companies have vaccines and medication for both flues?


It is also amazing that the pharmaceutical companies have already produced 12 million dosages of serium that was then purchased and stockpiled by the federal government which are now ready for the so called impending epidemic.


Last year 224,000 people died due to properly taken prescription medication.  Why doesn’t the media emphasize that instead of the 40 substantiated cases of swine flu?  Which would you consider an epidemic?


I am not denying that there is such as thing as the swine flu, as a matter of fact some people may have gotten the swine flu and not know it because the symptoms are that of any flu… fever, vomiting and diarrhea.


I do believe in being prepared for virus and bacteria. Since Swine Flu is caused by a virus…. I keep Silver Shield, VS-C and Lymph Gland Cleanse on hand.  If I get the virus I will let it run its course (the vast majority of the time people will breeze right through it), and if I feel my body is being overcome by it, I will pull out the herbs.  What I won’t do is panic nor lose sleep over it.

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