So many time, I hear heart wrenching stories of people with OCD or GAD whose family members get frustrated with them because the family members do not understand why the sufferer doesn't just snap out of it, or get over it.

When a person hobbles into a room with a cast on their broken leg, other people will compassionately help the person to compensate for their perdicament.  No one tells them to get over the broken leg and walk right.

But with OCD or GAD... there is no outward sign.  Nothing that is tangible to show people that you are having symptoms of a biological condition.

I am fortunate in that I have had OCD.  Because I know without a doubt, being such a strong personality,  I would have told people to just cut the crap and get over it.   But I have been there and I understand.

It isn't something which is easily overcome.   As strong as I am, I did not have the control.

But how do you get them to understand?  Well..... you just might not be able to.  But know you are not alone.  It isn't just you, and I believe with all that I am there is hope of overcoming both GAD and OCD.

If you fill out the questionnaires, it does not oblige you to buy anything and my consultations are free.  If I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me.

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