OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder in children is a growing epidemic, treatment fo children with obsessive compulsive disorder is unique from that of an adult.

Alternative Treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD and Children

The incidences of OCD in children appear to be rising.

Possible contributors are stress in school, lack of exercise, ultra-sound invetro (Sonograms), mother lacking nutrients during the pregnancy and poor diet.

There are special considerations when working with children.  One is the fact that their thymus gland is immature. This often affects how children react to medication, chemicals and certain herbs.

An example of this is Ritalin.  When given to young children, it acts somewhat as a sedative, even though it is more like a stimulant.   As a matter of fact, it is given to people for Narcolepsy (a condition where sufferers have a hard time staying awake).

The same thing can happen to certain herbs, especially valerian root.  Valerian root helps soothe the nervous system. Often people report a calming effect, but certain children will react the opposite.  Instead of calming them down, they will climb the walls, be unable to sleep and may become agitated or aggressive.

It is sometimes necessary to support the thymus gland.  There is an herbal product formulated especially for the thymus gland, it is called Thim-J.   I would try the child on the nervine herb and, if he has the opposite reaction to it, I would add the Thim-J.

The herbs I work with (except the oils) have no known toxicity.  They nourish the myelin sheathing and the nerves.  I have suggested these herbs and supplements for a child who is 6 months or older. 

I do not suggest herbs before that age (6 months) only because a child's digestive system is not fully developed and they could get diarrhea.  It is true for any other food such as apples, etc.

Obsessive compulsive disorder, ocd in children is a growing epidemic and treatment for children with obsessive compulsive disorder can differ from an adult.


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