Fatty Acids

The myelin sheathing is made of fatty acids.  Stress wears down the myelin contributing to OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic attacks, anxiety and more.

All fats or oil soluble supplements need to be taken with a protein.  Without proteins the liver doesn't know it needs to release bile salts to digest the fats and oils.

Good sources of protein include: Nuts (all but peanuts), seeds, eggs, meats, beans and lentils.

Good sources of fatty acids include: 

  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Black Currant Oil
  • Hemp Oil
  • Super Omega 3 Oil
  • Krill Oil

Too much oils can contribute to a fatty liver... Do not exceed:

Body Weight  Dosages in Tbs  Dosages in Grams
 20-99 lbs  1/2 Tbs to 1 Tbs approx 11,000 mg
 100-200 lbs  4 teaspoons   approx 13,000 mg
 Over 300 lbs   2 Tbs approx 15,000 mg

Note:  an average of 12 capsules of flaxseed oil = 1 tablespoon

Tbs = Tablespoon     lbs = pounds

One of the liver's functions is to break down fatty acids into useable material for the myelin. A weak liver often cannot do this. So, the person may be taking an adequate amount of oils, but not getting full benefit from it.  If you have any of the liver symptoms, I would also take something nutrtionally to support the liver.

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