Alternative Treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Inositol

Sub-Element IP6

Pronounced: i-'nO-si-towl 8

Category: Water Soluble element (Part of the B Vitamin Family) 1

Essential or Not Essential: (It doesn't mean that it is not necessary. It just means that the body can or cannot produce, or if ingesting, it is essential): A healthy body should be able to produce. 2

RDA: No official RDA. 9

ODA: Up to 18 grams a day (increase slowly) children under 40 pounds up to 6 grams a day. 4 I personally suggest NO MORE than 14 grams a day.

Often people increase slowly like the sample schedule below:
Week 1 - 1 teaspoon/2x per day
Week 2 - 1 teaspoon/3x per day
Week 3 - 1.5 teaspoons/3x per day
Week 4 - 2 teaspoons/3x per day
Week 5 - 2.5 teaspoons/3x per day
Week 6 - 3 teaspoons/3x per day 4

Companion Nutrients: (needed for absorption or utilization of this nutrient): Choline 1:1 ratio, B complex, Vitamin E and C. Linoleic acid. 2

Deficiency Symptoms: Hardening of the Arteries, Imbalance Cholesterol Levels, Poor Hair Growth, Poor Eye Function, Constipation, Skin Problems 1

Needed For: Brain Function, Fat Metabolism, Liver Action, Protects Kidneys, Heart and Liver, Helps Gallbladder Trouble, Maybe helpful for those who have Diabetes 1

Causes of Deficiency: Poor diet, Coffee, Caffeine, Alcohol, Menopausal Women need more Inositol. 1

Natural Sources: Wheat Germ, Liver (organic only), Blackstrap Molasses, Citrus Fruit, Dried Beans, Cantaloupe, Raisins, Brown Rice, Nuts, Cabbage 1 Lecithin, Beef heart, Beef liver, Wheat germ, Soy, Eggs, Citrus fruits, Whole grains. 9

Herbal Sources: Alfalfa, Burdock, Capsicum, Cascara Sagrada, Catnip, Chickweed, Dandelion, Hawthorne, Marshmallow, Mullein, Red Clover 1

Toxicity or Cautions: None known. However, diarrhea often develops from high dosages 2, as well as gas.  There is controversy as to whether it interacts harmfully with any of the present SSRIs. 4

Inositol appears to block Lithium action. 4

Additional Comments:A healthy body has higher levels of Inositol in the body than any other vitamin excluding B-3 (Niacin). 1 Highest concentration of inositol is found in the brain and heart. 1

Inositol is a water soluble member of the vitamin B complex. 9

Inositol is one of several crystalline stereo isomeric cyclic alcohols C6H12O6; myo inositol is a biologically active inositol that is a component of the vitamin B complex and is a lipotropic agent. 8

It is also a type of sugar. Certain modified forms of inositol can be used by the body to transmit signals inside and between cells. 6

A fat-solubilizing agent.  It  works with choline, helps to transport fat from the liver, and helps to control blood cholesterol levels. 9

Clinical Trials show that Inositol can be helpful when trying to relieve Depression 3 4 5 OCD 4 5 , Trichotillomania, Compulsive skin picking, Anxiety 4 Panic attacks, Autism 5 , and is believed to help prevention of neural tube birth defects. 7

There are strong indications that that myo-inositol may help with some on the conditions which SSRI's are shown to improve. This makes sense, since insoitol is believed to be able to reverse desensitization of serotonin receptors 7, helping with the utilization of serotonin.

There are some exceptions however, it has been noted during studies that aggressive amounts of Inositol seem to aggrivate the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) 5 , Alzheimer's disease, Autism, Schizophrenia and Electro convulsive therapy-induced memory impairment. 7
It is believed that Inositol is converted in the body to a substance that regulates the action of serotonin within the brain. 4

Tests show that Myo-inositol crosses the blood-brain barrier. 7

Caffeine lowers inositol levels in the body. 4

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