Alternative Treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

There are many types of seaweed which have many similar properties. However, blue green spirulina is believed to have RNA which is more advantageous to the nervous system than of the other seaweeds.

The thyroid also benefits from spirulina. If you have a weakened thyroid, it may compete for the nutrients in the spirulina. Therefore, many people add more spirulina if they have the very first symptom of a weak thyroid.

Some people use moons of the fingernails as a gage.  Adding a little more spirulina if they are lacking moons.

Those with a problem with their adrenals should avoid Spiruilna because of its tendency to produce anxiety.

If you are 100 to 150 pounds, I would take 6 spirulina plus 1 extra for every 2 moons which are missing. I would also add 1 additional spirulina for every 50 pounds of body weight.

It is EXTREMELY important that you make sure the quality of the spirulina is very high. Since spriulina absorbs radiation and toxins, the company from whom you buy should test for radiation and heavy metals!
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