Liver Cleansing Formula


There are many symptoms associated with a weak liver. For me one of the best guides to dosages is waking up at night. If my liver has been nutritionally supported and is working efficiently I will sleep all night without waking up... not even to urinate.

I started taking LIV-A (Liver Cleanse) as directed on the bottle and increase until the I slept the whole night long.

So, the first week, I would take 3 a day and if I still wake up during the night during the hours of 1 to 5 AM that week, then the next week I would take 4 a day.   If I wake up the next week I would increase to 5 a day, etc, until I sleep the whole night through 7 days out of 7 consistantly.  Not waking up to go to the bathroom, looking at the clock or fluffing the pillows and changing positions would mean you no longer have to increase. 

When the liver has enough nutrients, it should be able to cleanse without waking you up or releasing sugar causing the kidneys to produce urine.

After I was sleeping the whole night through for about 1 week, I tried backing off the amount... using sleeping the whole night as my guide.  If I start to awake again, I would increase the Liver Cleanse Formula.

Warning... When my liver was really weak, I was up to 45 Liver cleanse formula a day.  Now I do not need any and I still sleep the whole night through.

•Provides nutritional support to the liver and gall-bladder.
•Promotes cleansing and detoxification mediated by the liver.
•Supports digestive functions.
Liver Cleanse Formula [Digestive]. The liver performs many important functions in the body. It supports digestive functions by secreting bile for emulsification of fat, controlling the metabolism of nutrients (including alcohols) and serving as a reservoir for many nutrients and metabolites. The liver’s involvement in metabolic functions make it susceptible to stressors.
Liver Cleanse Formula is a blend of herbs and nutrients specially formulated to nourish the liver and to support natural cleansing functions. Together, the ingredients of Liver Cleanse have been formulated to provide nutritional support to the liver and gallbladder, promote cleansing and detoxification and support digestive function. This formula consists of herbs historically used to cleanse, detoxify and nourish, and provide support to the gastrointestinal tract.
Red beet root
Dandelion root
Parsley herb
Horsetail herb
Yellow dock root
Black cohosh root
Birch leaves
Blessed thistle herb
Angelica root
Chamomile flowers
Gentian root
Goldenrod herb

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